Quiz Number 42

Published: Sunday 12th February 2012
  1. What is a PILCROW?
  2. Who rode an eight legged horse by the name of SLEIPNIR?
  3. Which country hosted its first Formula One Grand Prix in October 2011?
  4. Which city houses the headquarters of OPEC?
  5. Which songs with "HOME" in the title were top 10 UK hits for the following artists, [a] Pat Boone (1956), [b] Kanye West (2008), [c] Tom Jones (1967), [d] Billy Bragg (1988) and [e] Peters and Lee (1973)
  6. Who played the part of Voltan in the 1980 film "Flash Gordon"?
  7. What year will 2012 be in the Japanese calendar?
  8. Who in 1950 became the first President of India?
  9. Of what is NIDOLOGY the study?
  10. In which city would you find the following towers, [a] The CN Tower, [b] The Baiyoke Towers, [c] The PETRONAS Towers, [d] Willis Tower and [e] Jin Mao Tower
  11. Which author created the character of Hannibal Lecter?
  12. How many strings are there on a Ukulele?
  13. Who was the lead singer of The Smiths?
  14. In which of Charles Dickens novels do the following characters appear [a] Uriah Heep, [b] Mrs Bardell, [c] Jenny Wren, [d] Mr Bumble and [e] Abel Magwitch
  15. What is the name of the woman who is the national emblem of France?
  16. What hobby did Sherlock Holmes take up after his retirement?
  17. Name the FOUR countries that share a land border with BELGIUM?
  18. What nationality was the exotic dancer and spy, Mata Hari, who was executed in World War 1?
  19. What are the FIVE categories in which Nobel prizes are awarded?
  20. What is Ruth Eisemann-Schier's claim to fame?
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