Quiz Number 45

Published: Tuesday 10th April 2012
  1. Which building method was patented by Francois Hennebique in 1892?
  2. Which THREE bank holidays were introduced as a result of the Bank Holiday Act of 1871?
  3. Who was the compere for the first UK National Lottery draw in 1994?
  4. Which country is Peroni beer brewed?
  5. Which song containing the word "AMERICA" were Top 10 hits for the following artists, [a] Supertramp (1979), [b] Kim Wilde (1981), [c] Madonna (2000), [d] Jakatta (2001) and [e] Estelle (2008)
  6. On which island is explorer Ernest Shackleton buried?
  7. From which part of a pig are Bath Chaps made?
  8. What was the name of the rabbit in Disneys "Bambi"?
  9. The Welsh Grand National could not be run at its usual course of Chepstow in 1994 due to frost, at which English racecourse did the race take place?
  10. In Biology what are the SIX kingdoms that all living organisms are classified?
  11. For which group of workers is Saint Dorothy the patron saint?
  12. Which canal was completed in 1869?
  13. How many of the Apollo missions resulted in successful moon landings?
  14. What are the last FIVE books of the Bible?
  15. Known as With Holding Tax in the USA and other countries, by what name is this taxation method known in the UK?
  16. Which planet rotates in the opposite direction than Earth?
  17. Which FOUR countries share a land border with GUATEMALA?
  18. Who played the part of Lt. John Dunbar in the Oscar winning film "Dances With Wolves"?
  19. What are the FIVE lands that feature in Disneyland Paris?
  20. Which TWO countries parliaments hold an annual ski race?
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