Quiz Number 1

Published: Thursday 1st October 2009
  1. What was first introduced by "Liberty Bell" in October 1969?
  2. The British pop group The Yardbirds, had at various stages three of the world's greatest rock guitarists in their ranks. Who were they?
  3. Which three countries have both an Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline?
  4. Name the three orange coloured properties on the UK version of the board game Monopoly
  5. What are the county towns of the following English counties? ( i) Devon (ii) Cornwall (iii) Somerset (iv) Sussex and (v) Buckinghamshire.
  6. What was the first full length film that was completely designed by computer?
  7. Which country has the longest coastline?
  8. Who famously built a dyke to separate the English and Welsh?
  9. By what name is the marsupial "Sarcophilus Harrisi" better known?
  10. The following were the alter egos of which famous crime fighters? (i) Bruce Wayne (ii) Peter Parker (iii) Don Diego De La Vega (iv) Steve Rogers and (v) Diana Prince
  11. Which four tournaments make up the men's golfing majors?
  12. Which South American country takes its name from an Italian city?
  13. What was the name of Dame Edna Everage's late husband?
  14. What does the MP stand for in the term MP3 player?
  15. What is the lowest possible hand in poker?
  16. What are the chemical symbols for the following elements? (i) Gold (ii) Silver (iii) Mercury (iv) Lead and (v) Potassium.
  17. Traditionally finishing with a "Vixen Break" and usually containing a "Helix" and a "Corkscrew", what are they?
  18. Who performed the title music for the following Bond films? (i) Thunderball (ii) The Man with the Golden Gun (iii) Octopussy (iv) The world is not Enough and (v) Quantum of Solace.
  19. Who shot Billy the Kid?
  20. When Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra, who played Julius Caesar?
  21. In which city would you find the International Court of Justice?
  22. Whose birthday is celebrated around the globe on January 25th each year?
  23. What is the name given to a quadrilateral with two parallel sides of unequal length?
  24. Which is the most Southerly capital city in the world?
  25. Which is the most Northerly capital city in the world?
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