Quiz Number 1 - Answers

Published: Thursday 1st October 2009
  1. What was first introduced by "Liberty Bell" in October 1969? First aired on BBC2 on 5th October 1969, the Sousa march "Liberty Bell" introduced us for the first time to the zany world of "Monty Python's Flying Circus"
  2. The British pop group The Yardbirds, had at various stages three of the world's greatest rock guitarists in their ranks. Who were they? Eric Clapton (from 1963 until leaving for John Mayall's Bluesbreakers in 1965) Jeff Beck (replaced Clapton and until sacked in 1966) and Jimmy Page (joined in 1966 as a replacement bass guitarist but took over lead guitar duties after Beck's sacking)
  3. Which three countries have both an Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline? France, Spain and the one that people forget Morocco, in Africa
  4. Name the three orange coloured properties on the UK version of the board game Monopoly Bow Street,Marlborough Street and Vine Street. Incidentally the properties on the original US version would have been St. James Place,Tennessee Avenue and New York Avenue.
  5. What are the county towns of the following English counties? ( i) Devon (ii) Cornwall (iii) Somerset (iv) Sussex and (v) Buckinghamshire. Normally the County town follows the name of the county but the above counties are different. (i)Exeter (ii) Truro (iii) Taunton (iv) East Sussex- Lewes, West Sussex -Chicester (v) Aylesbury not Buckingham.
  6. What was the first full length film that was completely designed by computer? Toy Story in 1995
  7. Which country has the longest coastline? At 243,000 kms Canada is the coutry with the longest coastline
  8. Who famously built a dyke to separate the English and Welsh? Although the true origins of the dyke are shrouded in mystery,it was thought to have been built around 785AD by Offa, King of Mercia.
  9. By what name is the marsupial "Sarcophilus Harrisi" better known? The Tasmanian Devil
  10. The following were the alter egos of which famous crime fighters? (i) Bruce Wayne (ii) Peter Parker (iii) Don Diego De La Vega (iv) Steve Rogers and (v) Diana Prince Batman, Spiderman,Zorro,Captain America and of course Wonder Woman
  11. Which four tournaments make up the men's golfing majors? The four tournaments are The US Masters (held in April), US Open(June), The Open Championship (The only non-US tournament. Held in the UK in July) and lastly the PGA Championship (August)
  12. Which South American country takes its name from an Italian city? Venezuela, or to give its full name The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, was name after Venice.
  13. What was the name of Dame Edna Everage's late husband? Dame Edna was married to Sir Norman Everage until his death in 1988 from prostate problems and a "testicular murmur".
  14. What does the MP stand for in the term MP3 player? MP3 is short for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, which itself stand for Moving Pictures Expert Group. So technically it stands for Moving Picture.
  15. What is the lowest possible hand in poker? 2-3-4-5-7, not of the same suit
  16. What are the chemical symbols for the following elements? (i) Gold (ii) Silver (iii) Mercury (iv) Lead and (v) Potassium. The symbols are respectively(i) Au (from the Latin Aurum), (ii)Ag (Latin Argentum), (iii) Hg(Latin-Hydragyrum), (iv)Pb(Latin-Plumbum) and finally (v)K (Latin- Kalium)
  17. Traditionally finishing with a "Vixen Break" and usually containing a "Helix" and a "Corkscrew", what are they? They are The Red Arrows, the RAF display team.
  18. Who performed the title music for the following Bond films? (i) Thunderball (ii) The Man with the Golden Gun (iii) Octopussy (iv) The world is not Enough and (v) Quantum of Solace. The performers were (i)Tom Jones, (ii)Lulu (iii)Rita Coolidge (iv)Garbage and (v)Jack White/Alicia Keys
  19. Who shot Billy the Kid? Sheriff Pat Garrett
  20. When Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra, who played Julius Caesar? Rex Harrison
  21. In which city would you find the International Court of Justice? It was established in 1945 by the United Nations and its seat is The Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands.
  22. Whose birthday is celebrated around the globe on January 25th each year? Usually known as Burns Night to celebrate the birth of Robert Burns
  23. What is the name given to a quadrilateral with two parallel sides of unequal length? A trapezium
  24. Which is the most Southerly capital city in the world? Wellington, New Zealand although Ushuaia the regional capital of Tierra del Fuego is the Southernmost city.
  25. Which is the most Northerly capital city in the world? Reykjavik in Iceland with Hammerfest in Norway being the Northernmost City

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