Quiz Number 2

Published: Wednesday 7th October 2009
  1. What is a BASSINET?
  2. In which two operas does the character of Figaro appear?
  3. The Saone and Rhone rivers converge at which French city?
  4. What numeric term both describes perfect vision and a form of the game of cricket?
  5. Which celebrated cook was born Isabella Mary Mayson?
  6. What was the currency of the following countries prior to the adoption of the Euro? (i)France, (ii) Italy (iii) Portugal (iv) Holland and (v) Finland.
  7. Who created the fictional town of Middlemarch?
  8. In which US state would you find the infamous San Quentin prison?
  9. The men's tennis grand slam is won by winning which events?
  10. Pi day is celebrated on which date?
  11. How many lions guard the base of Nelson's column in London's Trafalgar Square?
  12. What were the first number one single in the UK charts at the beginning of the following decades? (i)1960s (ii)1970s (iii) 1980s (iv) 1990s and (v) 2000s
  13. Which commercial chain of restaurants is named after a character from the novel "Moby Dick"?
  14. What film did James Cagney win his only OSCAR for?
  15. If you suffered from the following, what would you be afraid of? (i)Autophobia,(ii) Barophobia (iii) Chionophobia (iv) Dendrophobia and (v)Gamophobia.
  16. The ships Queen Mary, Titanic and Queen Elizabeth among others had the letters RMS before their names. What do these letter signify?
  17. The Khyber Pass links which two countries?
  18. Nutwood Cottage is the home of which fictional children's character?
  19. In golf which two teams compete for the Vivendi trophy?
  20. What is the largest country by area in Africa?
  21. The name of which common household object derives from the Latin word meaning "admire" ot"to wonder at"?
  22. Coombe Hill near Wendover in Buckinghamshire is the highest point of what range of hills?
  23. The following are pseudonyms of which famous actors/actresses? - (i) Allen Stewart Konigsberg, (ii) Marion Michael Morrison, (iii) Barbara-Ann Deeks, (iv) Camille Javal and (v) Margaret Hyra.
  24. What was the first "Carry On" film to be made in colour?
  25. In which English city is Saint Edmunds buried?
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