Quiz Number 57

Published: Tuesday 8th January 2013
  1. Who wrote the 1960 novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird"?
  2. Which city hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics?
  3. In the song, what was the last creature to be swallowed by the "Old Lady who swallowed a fly"?
  4. General Custer was defeated by Crazy Horse at the Battle of Little Big Horn, who or what is Little Big Horn?
  5. Which songs with SATURDAY in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists, [a] David Bowie (1973), [b] Biffy Clyro (2007), [c] Bon Jovi (1995), [d]Barry Blue (1973) and [e] Cherelle with Alexander O'Neill (1985)
  6. Who wrote the poem "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night"?
  7. What happened in an old fashioned telephone kiosk when you pressed "Button B"?
  8. Who in 1958 became the first Briton to win the F1 World Championship?
  9. In which year were Premium Bonds introduced into the UK?
  10. In which fictional area are Thomas Hardy's novels usually set?
  11. Which FOUR countries share a land border with Angola?
  12. The musical "Jersey Boys" tells the story of which US group?
  13. Which British towns had the following Roman names, [a] Camulodunum, [b] Dubris, [c] Glevum Colonia, [d] Luguvalium and [e] Venta Belgarum
  14. Which road runs from Alaska to Chile?
  15. What is the title of the only painting thought to have been sold by Vincent Van Goch during his lifetime?
  16. Who are the SIX actors who have played James Bond in the official series?
  17. What is found in the centre of a "Sussex Pond Pudding"?
  18. What figure appears on the weather vane at Lords Cricket ground?
  19. Which cities are served by the airports bearing these people's names, [a] Mother Theresa, [b] George H W Bush, [c] Galileo Galilei, [d] Pierre Trudeau and [e] Mozart
  20. Which is the largest milk producing state in the USA?
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