Quiz Number 69 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 18th September 2013
  1. The Wihelma Zoological Gardens can be found in which German city? Stuttgart.
  2. Who wrote the poem "The Hollow Men"? T S Eliot.
  3. How many players are there in a MEN'S lacrosse team? TEN.
  4. What was the name of the two main male characters in TV's "Men Behaving Badly"? Gary Strang & Tony Smart.
  5. What songs containing SEA in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Marty Wilde (1959), [b] Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (1991), [c] Petula Clark (1961), [d] Queen (1974) and [e] Bobby Darin (1960)? [a] "Sea of Love" reached number 3, [b] "Sailing in the Seven Seas" number 3, [c] "My Friend, The Sea", number 7, [d] "Seven Seas of Rhye", number 10 and [e] "La Mer(Beyond the Sea)", number 8.
  6. Prior to the adoption of the Euro what was the currency in Slovakia? The Koruna.
  7. What were G K Chesterton's first names? Gilbert Keith.
  8. What is the staple diet of South Africa's Secretary Bird? Snakes.
  9. In The Archers, what is the name of the Parish Church of Ambridge? Saint Stephens.
  10. Which FIVE countries share a land border with Kazakhstan? China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
  11. Which newspaper does Spiderman's alter-ego Peter Parker work on? The Daily Bugle.
  12. What does the computer acronym USB stand for? Universal Serial Bus.
  13. Who are the fathers of these famous people from fact and fiction, [a] Norah Jones, [b] Luke Skywalker, [c] Angelina Jolie, [d] Peebles and [e] John the Baptist? [a] Ravi Shankar, [b] Darth Vader, [c] Jon Voight, [d] Fred Flintstone and [e] Zacharias.
  14. What links the Doges Palace in Venice to the State Prison? The Bridge of Sighs.
  15. Which American playwright wrote "The Iceman Cometh"? Eugene O'Neill.
  16. Which FOUR US states border Lake Michigan? Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.
  17. What is the fictional setting for the Rev W Audry's "Railway Series"? The Island of Sodor.
  18. What was the real first name of garden designer Capability Brown? Lancelot.
  19. Of which comic superheroes are the following arch enemies, [a] The Joker, [b] Lex Luthor, [c] The Mandarin, [d] Magneto and [e] Doctor Doom? [a] Batman, [b] Superman, [c] Iron Man, [d] X-Men and [e] The Fantastic Four.
  20. How many tiles are there in a Mah-Jong set? 144

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  1. Barrie Bluebird says:

    Great stuff Ken, but 13 (d) is Pebbles not Peebles.

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