Quiz Number 70

Published: Wednesday 16th October 2013
  1. According to the 2010 US Census, which is the most populous of the Native American Indian tribes?
  2. Who was the first winner of BBC TV's "Pot Black" snooker championship?
  3. Published in 1859, what was George Eliot's first novel?
  4. Foe which Egyptian pharaoh was the Great Pyramid of Giza constructed?
  5. Which songs containing the word "Road" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Ray Charles (1961), [b] Robbie Williams (2001), [c] Canned Heat (1968), [d] Celine Dion (1995) and [e] Talking Heads (1985)?
  6. Which US city is home to the World's oldest annual marathon?
  7. Which river, a tributary of the Ganges, flows through the city of Calcutta (Kolkata) in India?
  8. What is the unit of currency in the following countries, [a] Egypt, [b] Mexico, [c] Morocco, [d] Sweden and [e] Vietnam?
  9. Who wrote the play "The Playboy of the Western World"?
  10. Which FIVE countries share a land border with LAOS?
  11. Who wrote the novel "The Godfather" on which the award winning movie was based?
  12. Which rock band was formed by Dave Grohl after he left Nirvana?
  13. What name is given to the young of a beaver?
  14. Which THREE US heavyweight World boxing champions were previously Olympic Gold medallists at the same weight?
  15. Until his execution on Christmas Day 1989, who had been the dictator of Romania since 1965?
  16. Which TWO novels by Robert Louis Stevenson feature the character David Balfour?
  17. Which former German international was manager of the Scottish National Football team from 2002 to 2004?
  18. From which family of birds does the Kittiwake come?
  19. Which West End musicals featured the following characters, [a] Bloody Mary, [b] Roxie Hart, [c] Norma Desmond, [d] Billy Bigelow and [e] Jean Valjean?
  20. Used as the title of Santana's second studio album in 1970, what is the name given by the Gnostics to denote the Supreme Being or Great Archon?
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