Quiz Number 72

Published: Monday 6th January 2014
  1. Who in 1932 became the first female to fly non-stop across the Atlantic single-handed?
  2. Famous for such films as "Singin' in the Rain" and "On the Town", what was the last theatrically released movie to have been directed by Stanley Donen?
  3. Popular throughout the Indian sub-continent, what is the name of the blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit?
  4. First published in 1894, who was the author of "The Prisoner of Zenda"?
  5. Which songs containing the word "PICTURE" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] The Who (1967), [b] Taio Cruz (2010), [c] Joe Brown & the Bruvvers (1962), [d] Status Quo (1968) and [e] Boyzone (1997)?
  6. Which film festival has been held annually since 1932 on the island of Lido?
  7. Which sport is played by the Tampa Bay Rays?
  8. Who was the ROMAN God or Goddess of the following, [a]War, [b]Travellers, [c]Doors or Openings, [d]Luck and [e]Marriage?
  9. In which field of Art & Craft is the name of Rene Lalique associated?
  10. Which SIX Countries share a land border with Libya?
  11. Which island is the native home of the lemur-like primate, the Aye-Aye?
  12. Established in 1990 to honour Fred Whipple, in which field of science is the annual Whipple Award given?
  13. Who was the first wife of King Henry VIII?
  14. Which musicals feature the following characters, [a] Eponine, [b] Mrs Lovett, [c]Fanny Brice, [d] Elphaba and [e] The Rum Tug Tugger?
  15. In which English cathedral are the bones of King Canute supposedly to be found?
  16. By what medical name is the armpit known?
  17. Performed by the group Co-Co, what was the United Kingdom's entry in the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest?
  18. Its name derived from the French meaning "Rag Picker", what is a CHIFFONIER?
  19. Which MAJOR musical key signatories are represented by the following, [a] 2 Sharps, [b] 4 Sharps, [c] 1 Flat, [d] 7 Flats and [e] 7 Sharps?
  20. Introduced into the UK in 1943 what does the Dicken Medal honour?
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