Quiz Number 3

Published: Wednesday 25th November 2009
  1. Where would you find "The Roaring Forties"?
  2. How many players are there in each team in the following sports (i) Netball (ii) Rugby League (iii) Baseball (iv) Cricket (v) Shinty?
  3. The Battle of Fort Sumter was the opening battle in which war?
  4. The atmosphere on Venus is made of principally of which gas?
  5. What was the title of the 1955 film that was the first British full length animation?
  6. The ruins of the ancient city of Cathage can be found on the outskirts of which modern city?
  7. Complete the names of the following rock/pop groups: (i) Mott the __ (ii) Jefferson __ (iii) Arcade __ (iv) B.Bumble and the __ (v) The Flaming __
  8. Which company opened the first burger restaurant in the UK in 1954?
  9. Name the four principal islands that make up The Balearics.
  10. Which of Shakespeare's plays feature the line "a plague on both your houses"?
  11. Which English football league teams play at the following stadia: (i) The Ricoh Arena (ii) The Emirates Stadium (iii) Saint James' Park (iv) Carrow Road (v)The Liberty Stadium
  12. James Beck played a "spiv" in which long running British TV series?
  13. What does the word ALIBI, literally mean?
  14. Which musicals feature the following songs: (i) Love Changes Everything (ii) Food,Glorious Food (iii) A Room in Bloomsbury (iv) Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee (v) People Will Say We're in Love
  15. Which famous children's book character was created by Michael Bond?
  16. Which jump on the Grand National course is named after a piece of furniture?
  17. What is the only mammal that can fly (excluding humans!!!)?
  18. What was the name of The Who's drummer that died in 1978?
  19. Who succedded David Steel as the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party?
  20. In which countries are the following airlines bases: (i) KLM (ii) Cathay Pacific (iii) Varig (iv) SAS (v) ANA
  21. What will the O2 arena be known as when it is used as a venue for the London 2012 Olympics?
  22. What fruit is the policeman in Balamory?
  23. Where in New York would you find The Strawberry Fields Memorial?
  24. What was the title of the first novel to feature Sherlock Holmes?
  25. What was Shakespeare's longest play?
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