Quiz Number 75

Published: Sunday 16th March 2014
  1. Which British playwright wrote "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"?
  2. Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury at the outbreak of World War II?
  3. Which law states that "The force needed to compress a spring by some distance is proportional to that distance"?
  4. Which country was previously known as East Pakistan?
  5. Which songs containing the word "HELLO" in the title were UK top 10 hits for the following artists, [a] Ricky Nelson (1961), [b] Paul Evans (1973), [c] Lionel Ritchie (1984), [d] Amen Corner (1969) and [e] The Beatles (1967)?
  6. Which breed of dog has a name that translates from German as "Badger Dog"?
  7. What are the THREE weapon categories that are used within competitive fencing?
  8. What were the titles of the SIX novels written by Jane Austen?
  9. Known as the "Father of the Blues", what were W C Handy's forenames?
  10. Which FIVE countries share a land border with Montenegro?
  11. In which year did the rival American Football governing bodies the NFL and the AFL merge?
  12. Although Topeka is the State capital of Kansas, which is the largest city in the State?
  13. With which style of painting is French artist Fernand Leger most associated?
  14. Which musicals feature the following characters, [a] Sky Masterton, [b] Glinda, [c] Fagin, [d] Dr Frank-n-Furter and [e] Penny Pingleton?
  15. Named after their school gym teacher, which US rock band was founded by Ronnie Van Zant?
  16. Which newspaper was founded in Manchester in 1821 by cotton merchant John Edward Taylor?
  17. Which British Prime Minister was MP for the constituency of Huyton?
  18. The Bond movie "Never Say Never Again" was a re-make of which previously released Ian Fleming story? -
  19. Who was the GREEK God or Goddess of the following, [a] Light, [b] Intelligence, [c] The Underworld, [d] Chasity and [e] The Sky?
  20. Which Ivy League university has its main campus in ITHACA in New York State?
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