Quiz Number 4 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 25th November 2009
  1. What bridge connects Dawes Point to Milson's Point? Sydney Harbour Bridge
  2. What are members of the Unification Church commonly known as? The Moonies
  3. How does one join "The Shuttlecock Club" in winter sports? By falling at the Shuttlecock bend on the Cresta bobsleigh run.
  4. Which cities do the following airports serve? (i) Dulles (ii) Leonardo Di Vinci (iii) George Best (iv) Kingsford Smith (v) O'Hare (i) Washington DC (ii) Rome (iii) Belfast (iv) Sydney (Australia) (v) Chicago
  5. What breed of farmyard animal is a Khaki Campbell? It is a breed of duck
  6. Which animated character did Gene Kelly dance with in the film "Anchors Aweigh"? He danced with Jerry, the mouse from Tom & Jerry
  7. Who was the first woman in space? Valentina Tereshkova
  8. Which city is the setting for the 1950s' musical, Kismet? It is set in Baghdad
  9. Which car manufacturers produced the following models? (i) Corsa (ii) Sirocco (iii) Anglia (iv) Fiorano (v)Strada (i) Vauxhall (ii) Volkswagon (iii) Ford (iv) Ferrari (v) Fiat
  10. What is converted to alcohol during the brewing process? Sugars
  11. In the film "The Third Man",what character does Orson Welles play? Harry Lime
  12. Which two countries joined the European Community with the UK in 1973? The Republic of Ireland and Denmark
  13. The Polish port of Gdansk was formerly known in the UK by what name? It was known as Danzig
  14. What bird can swim but not fly? The penguin
  15. What types of animals can be described using these adjectives? (i) Feline (ii) Bovine (iii) Ovine (iv) Ursine (v) Lapine (i) Cats (ii) Cattle (iii) Sheep (iv) Bears (v) Rabbits.
  16. Which jazz band leader was known as the King of Swing? Benny Goodman was the King of Swing
  17. What creatures do the Galapogos Islands take their name from? They are named after tortoises
  18. The War of the Roses was fought between which two Royal Houses of England? The rivalry still exists today between Lancaster and York
  19. Gorgonzola cheese originates from which country? Italy
  20. What items would the following collectors collect? (i) Bibliophile (ii) Lepidopterist (iii) Philographist (iv) Numismatist (v) Oologist (i) Books (ii) Butterflies (iii) Autographs (iv) Coins (v) Birds Eggs
  21. Who commanded the Nautius in Jules Verne's classic novel,"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"? Captain Nemo was in charge
  22. Which 20th Century poet wrote "A Child's Christmas in Wales"? Dylan Thomas
  23. Which musical instrument did Karen Carpenter play? She was famous for playing the drums.
  24. Which capital cities do the following rivers flow through? (i) Potomac (ii) Han (iii) Spree (iv) Liffey (v)Tagus (i) Washington DC (USA) (ii) Seoul (South Korea) (iii) Berlin (Germany) (iv) Dublin (Ireland) (v) Lisbon (Portugal)
  25. The classic horse race "The Saint Ledger" is run at which UK race course? The race is run annually at Doncaster Racecourse