Quiz Number 77

Published: Sunday 20th April 2014
  1. Who founded the Bauhaus school of architecture and design in Germany in 1919?
  2. In a church where would you find a CLERESTORY?
  3. What theory was first advanced by Georges Lemaitre?
  4. Alphabetically, which is the first of the London Boroughs?
  5. What songs containing "ROAD" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Roger Miller (1965), [b] Blazin' Squad (2002), [c] Elton John (1973), [d] Gary Barlow (1997) and [e] Boyz II Men (1992)?
  6. The Skirrid is thought to be the oldest pub in Wales, near which town can it be found?
  7. Who are the SIX British footballers who have been named European Footballer of the Year?
  8. In which British cathedral would you find the ancient map of the world known as the "Mappa Mundi"?
  9. Which is the oldest of the Cambridge University colleges?
  10. What FOUR countries share a land border with Rwanda?
  11. What was Evel Knievel real first name?
  12. What in 1893 became the first ready to eat breakfast cereal?
  13. In which year were GCSEs first introduced to replace 'O' Levels?
  14. Who were the GREEK gods or goddesses of the following [a] War, [b] Agriculture, [c] Fire, [d] The Sea and [e] Sleep?
  15. What is the name of the Indian unleavened bread smeared with butter, rolled and then deep fried?
  16. Situated on the Lualaba River in the Democratic Republic of Congo, by what name are the Stanley Falls now known?
  17. In which of Charles Dickens' novels does the character Alfred Jingle appear?
  18. Who are the SIX actors who have played James Bond in the official film series?
  19. In which musical does the song "There's no Business like Show Business" appear?
  20. Which group was the first to top the UK single charts in the 21st Century?
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