Quiz Number 5

Published: Wednesday 25th November 2009
  1. With which sport is Edwin Hubble, of telescope fame associated?
  2. In which century did The Renaissance begin?
  3. Who created "Star Trek"?
  4. In which European country were banknotes first issued?
  5. Who invented the following (i) Television (ii) Ballpoint Pen (iii) Battery (iv) Safety Pin (v)Pneumatic tyres
  6. Elvis Presley had a twin brother who died at birth,what was his name?
  7. Who won an Oscar for their performance in "High Noon"?
  8. What colour jersey is worn by the leader of The Tour De France?
  9. Who preceded Neil Kinnock as leader of the British Labour party?
  10. Of which countries are the following the capital: (i) Amman (ii) Kathmandu (iii) La Paz (iv) Zagreb (v)Acsuncion
  11. What were the names of the two gangs in "West Side Story"?
  12. Which drink was first sold at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta in 1886?
  13. Who led the British forces at El Alamein?
  14. What is the tip of an umbrella or walking stick called?
  15. What do the following acronyms stand for (i) WYSIWYG (ii) RADAR (iii) MASH (iv) NASDAQ (v) WAP
  16. Which painter according to Don Maclean painted his "palette blue and grey"?
  17. Who found the true source of the River Nile?
  18. Who had hits with the following songs containing place names (i) Baker Street (ii) The Girl from Ipanema (iii) Harleem Shuffle (iv) Nashville Cats (v) Breakfast in America
  19. What is the Aborigine name for Ayers Rock?
  20. What series of films feature the character Freddy Kruger?
  21. In "The Wizard of Oz", what was the lion looking for?
  22. What was Frank Sinatra's middle name?
  23. By what name is Beethoven's Sixth Symphony known?
  24. Which metallic element has the symbol Eu?
  25. What mammal of Northern Europe, Asia and North America is sometimes called a GLUTTON?
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