Quiz Number 78

Published: Wednesday 21st May 2014
  1. Which sculptor was responsible for "St Michael and the Devil" on the walls of Coventry Cathedral?
  2. Occupying an area of 1461 square miles, which is the largest of the UK National Parks?
  3. What is the first month in the Muslim calendar?
  4. What in 1984 was Richard Burton's final movie?
  5. What songs containing the word "HELLO" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] The Fourmost (1963), [b] Alice Cooper (1973), [c] Cliff Richard (1970), [d] Soft Cell (1982) and [e] Louis Armstrong (1964)?
  6. In computing what does the acronym COBOL stand for?
  7. What are the SEVEN positions within a NETBALL team?
  8. Which is the oldest of the Oxford University colleges?
  9. What was Rudyard Kipling's real first name?
  10. Which SEVEN countries share a land border with Saudi Arabia?
  11. One of the founders of the Surrealist movement, which German painter invented the technique of Frottage?
  12. Which fashion item was French automobile engineer Louis Réard credited with inventing?
  13. Where in the world does the Zonda wind blow?
  14. What are the SIX murder weapons found in the classic Cluedo game?
  15. What is the name of the blue veined ewe's milk cheese named after a village near Milan?
  16. In which novel is Holden Caulfield the central character?
  17. Where in the human body would you find the HALLUX?
  18. Who are the FIVE actors to have played the role of Batman in full length feature films?
  19. Based on the Shakespeare character, who composed the opera "Falstaff"?
  20. What was the first Lennon/McCartney song to top the UK charts NOT performed by The Beatles?
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