Quiz Number 79

Published: Friday 13th June 2014
  1. What was English novelist Virginia Woolf's actual first name?
  2. Which country was ruled from the Peacock Throne?
  3. In which year was Capital Gains Tax first introduced in the UK?
  4. A CASQUE is a piece of armour, which part of the body does it cover?
  5. Which songs containing the word "GOODBYE" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Mary Hopkin (1969), [b] S Club (2003), [c] The Glitter Band (1975), [d] Atomic Kitten (2002) and [e] The Communards (1987)?
  6. Rudyard Kipling was the cousin of which British Prime Minister?
  7. Who were the SIX monarchs who ruled England and Scotland from the House of Stuart?
  8. Which English fashion designer is often credited with inventing both the mini-skirt in the 1960s and hot pants in the 1970s?
  9. From which country does the meat and fried rice dish NASI GORENG originate?
  10. Which FIVE Countries share a LAND border with Senegal?
  11. What was the Roman name for Portugal?
  12. On which London station did WH Smith open its first book shop in 1848?
  13. Which is the only Dickens' novel to have a female narrator?
  14. What were the first names of the THREE Waterbury children in E Nesbit's book "The Railway Children"?
  15. Which is the most southerly of the sea areas used in the Shipping Forecasts by the BBC?
  16. Known as the PAMPAS in Argentina and Paraguay, by what name are the grasslands in other South American countries known by?
  17. Who did tennis player Andy Murray defeat in the final of the 2012 Olympic men's final?
  18. Which FOUR towns make up the Medway towns in Kent?
  19. Which cartoon character first made an appearance in the 1940 short called "Knock-Knock"?
  20. The medical condition BLEPHARITIS is an inflammation of which part of the body?
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