Easier General Knowledge 6

Published: Wednesday 21st May 2014
  1. With which song did ABBA win the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest?
  2. According to the nursery rhyme, why did Old Mother Hubbard go to her cupboard?
  3. Who directed the "Death Wish" series of movies?
  4. By what name was the country of Thailand previously known?
  5. What type of meat is usually used to make the Greek dish Moussaka?
  6. Which TV programme featured Ritchie Cunningham and The Fonz?
  7. Who is the first person mentioned by name in the song "Widdicombe Fair"?
  8. Who wrote the novel "The 39 Steps"?
  9. Which composer wrote the musical piece "The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra"?
  10. Who was the first wife of King Henry VIII?
  11. Which superhero does millionaire Bruce Wayne become?
  12. What is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland?
  13. What does the "E" in UNESCO stand for?
  14. In which war did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?
  15. What was the original name of Wembley Stadium?
  16. According to the Bible who was Adam and Eve's youngest son?
  17. Which chemical element has the symbol Fe?
  18. Which animal is the subject of Sir Edwin Landseer's painting "The Monarch of the Glen"?
  19. In which city would you find La Scala opera house?
  20. In education, what is a MBA?
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