Easier General Knowledge 7

Published: Friday 13th June 2014
  1. With which boy band did Justin Timberlake begin his career?
  2. The trade union known as the NUT represents which profession?
  3. What was the name of the character played by Nicholas Lyndhurst in the BBC series "Only Fools and Horses"?
  4. Who in 1878 founded the Salvation Army?
  5. What was the name of the baseball star who married Marilyn Monroe?
  6. What is manufactured using the Bessemer process?
  7. Who succeeded Charles DeGaulle as President of France?
  8. In which book of the Bible is the story of Samson and Delilah told?
  9. Of which country are the Faroe Islands a dependency?
  10. How many pieces does each player have at the beginning of a game of draughts?
  11. In which pantomime does Widow Twankey traditionally appear?
  12. Who was the manager of Manchester United at the time of the Munich air disaster?
  13. In a list of US States, which would come last alphabetically?
  14. Which children's comic featured the characters of Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat?
  15. What type of fruit is a cantaloupe?
  16. How was actress and singer Frances Gumm better known?
  17. Who was the famous son of Uther Pendragon?
  18. Which part of a mint plant is used to make mint sauce?
  19. In the TV cartoon series who was Yogi Bear's small friend?
  20. Who recorded the 1985 album "Brothers in Arms"?
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