Easier General Knowledge 9

Published: Tuesday 26th August 2014
  1. On British roads, what shape is a 'Give Way' sign?
  2. In South America, the River Plate lies between Argentina and which other country?
  3. By what nickname is U2 guitarist Dave Evans better known?
  4. The berry of which bush is used to flavour gin?
  5. Which surgical device has a name derived from the Latin for `small knife`?
  6. The characters Mrs White and Colonel Mustard appear in the standard British version of which board game?
  7. Ermine is the fur of which animal?
  8. In 1901, whom did King Edward VII succeed as the British monarch?
  9. What is the largest internal organ in the human body?
  10. Which is second book of the Old Testament?
  11. Alberta and Manitoba are provinces of which country?
  12. By what name is the Standard English keyboard layout known?
  13. What is the line on a weather map connecting points of equal pressure called?
  14. Which composer wrote the orchestral suite known as 'The Planets'?
  15. How many sides has a heptagon?
  16. Which Apollo mission was the first to land on the moon?
  17. Which of The Beatles was married to Barbara Bach?
  18. Who was the alter ego of Robin in the Batman stories?
  19. Which Scottish heroine smuggled Bonnie Prince Charlie in a boat to the Isle of Skye?
  20. The historic Route 66 runs from Illinois to which coastal state in the USA?
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