Easier General Knowledge 11

Published: Thursday 6th November 2014
  1. Which English King is credited with composing "Greensleeves"?
  2. In which month of the year does St Patrick's Day occur?
  3. For which international team did Allan Border play cricket?
  4. In the 2005 film "Nanny McPhee", who played the part of Cedric Brown, the children's father?
  5. By what name is the young of a kangaroo known?
  6. From which musical does the song "I Got Plenty of Nuthin '"come?
  7. What is the currency of Israel?
  8. For which sport is Chris Boardman famous for?
  9. Which cigarette brand shares its name with an alternative word for Honeysuckle?
  10. Which author wrote the novel "Lucky Jim"?
  11. How many laps are completed during a speedway race?
  12. What is another name for the rowan tree?
  13. What is the chemical symbol for gold?
  14. Which swimmer won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympic Games?
  15. To which group of animals does the adjective Porcine refer?
  16. Who wrote the book entitled "A Brief History of Time"?
  17. Which city is the capital of Belgium?
  18. How many pints are there in EIGHT gallons?
  19. Who was the last British Governor of Hong Kong?
  20. What are rhinoceros' horns composed of?
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