Quiz of the Decade

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2010
  1. On which television programme which started in the UK in 2000, could you hear the voice of Marcus Bentley?
  2. Facebook became the internet phenomena of the decade, but who invented it?
  3. Who or what was Tecwen Whittock?
  4. Which films won the Best Picture Oscar in the following years of the Noughties: (i)2000 (ii)2002 (iii)2003 (iv)2007 and (v)2008?
  5. On the 23 April 2005, "Me at the Zoo" lasting 19 seconds was the first what?
  6. Who did George Bush defeat in the 2000 US Presidential election by just over 2000 votes?
  7. What group reformed to play a single gig at Live8?
  8. For what did a German fruit importer pay £42608 in London in November 2001?
  9. What campaign slogan did Barrack Obama share with Bob the Builder?
  10. In what month and year of the decade were the following Microsoft products launched: (i) Windows Me, (ii) Windows XP, (iii) Windows Vista, (iv)Windows 7 and (v)Bing
  11. What UK telly favourite was forced to admit that her weight loss was due to having a gastric band fitted in 2008?
  12. Why did the number of planets in the solar system drop from nine to eight in August 2006?
  13. What was started by Jimmy Wales in 2001?
  14. Three new games consoles were launched in the middle of the 2000s. What were they and which one had sold most units at the end of the decade?
  15. Where were the following Olympic Games held: (i) Summer 2000, (ii) Winter 2002, (iii) Summer 2004, (iv) Winter 2006 and (v) Summer 2008?
  16. What natural disaster did the concert held at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff on 22nd January 2005 raise funds for?
  17. What were the highest grossing films in the following years: (i) 2000, (ii) 2001, (iii) 2002, (iv) 2004 and (v) 2008
  18. 2003 saw the passing of many musical greats. Can you name these: (i) Jan 12th: One of the Bee Gees (ii) April 21st: The High Priestess of Soul (iii) July 4th: The Walrus of Love (iv) Sep 12th: The Man in Black (v) Nov 5th: Half of the Righteous Brothers
  19. Codenamed "Dulcimer", what was launched in 2001?
  20. What ceremony did Shannon Sickles and Grainne Close take part in Belfast on 19 December 2005?
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