Quiz Number 6 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2010
  1. What volcano is the highest mountain in Japan? Mount Fuji
  2. Who was the President of France from 1981 to 1995, making him the longest serving President of the Fifth Republic? Francois Mitterand
  3. Name the three countries that were over-run during the German "Blitzkrieg" of May 1940? The countries were Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  4. Through which city did Lady Godiva ride through naked? The city of Coventry
  5. What do the following military abbreviations stand for: (i) SAS (ii) SBS (iii) SHAPE (iv) AAMS (v) DMZ? (i) Special Air Services (ii) Special Boat Services (iii) Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (iv) Air to Air Missile System (v) De-Militarised Zone (or Dead Man's Zone)
  6. Which colony was handed back to China by Portugal in 1999? Macau
  7. What is the largest of the Caribbean islands? Cuba
  8. What were the following the Greek Gods (Goddesses) of: (i) Aphrodite (ii) Hades (iii) Poseiden (iv) Hermes (v) Hera (i) The Goddess of Love (ii) The God of the Underworld (iii) The God of the Sea (iv) The God of Flight (v) The Goddess of Marriage and Women
  9. What was the name of "The Wonder Horse" that had its own TV series in the 50s/60s? It was Champion the Wonder Horse.
  10. In which cities would you find the following UK universities: (i) East Anglia (ii) Warwick (iii) Essex (iv) Heriot-Watt (v) Brunel (i) Norwich (ii) Coventry (iii) Colchester (iv) Edinburgh (v) Uxbridge, Middlesex or London
  11. If historically you had "Taken the King's Shilling", what would you have done? You would have joined the army
  12. What kind of animal was Beatrice Potter's Mrs. Tiggywinkle? A Hedgehog
  13. What is the most southerly point of South America? Cape Horn
  14. In astrology what sign of the zodiac is represented by a crab? Cancer is the crab sign
  15. Which country's stamps have Hellas on them? It can be found on Greek stamps.
  16. Who shot Motown legend, Marvin Gaye? He was shot by his father
  17. In which English county would you find Gibraltar Point? It is in Lincolnshire
  18. Which rock/pop bands did the following brothers form (i) The Gibbs Brothers (ii) The Wilson Brothers (iii) The Followill Brothers (iv) The Davies Brothers (v) The Gallagher Brothers (i) The Bee Gees (ii) The Beach Boys (iii) The Kings of Leon (iv) The Kinks (v)Oasis
  19. What channel port was Britain's last possession on mainland France? It was the port of Calais
  20. Which African animal accounts for the most human deaths? The crocodile
  21. Who wrote the following classic books: (i) Moby Dick (ii) Vanity Fair (iii) Gulliver's Travels (iv) Don Quixote (v) Anna Karenina (i) Herman Melville (ii) William Makepeace Thackerey (iii) Jonathan Swift (iv) Miguel De Cervates (v) Leo Tolstoy
  22. Who was Tarquin The Proud? He was the last King of Rome
  23. Who did the flop to win Olympic gold in 1968? Dick Fosbury
  24. In which US state would you find "The Great Salt Lake"? Utah
  25. In a Tug-of-war side,what is the end man called? He is called The Anchor Man