Quiz of 2009

Published: Wednesday 6th January 2010
  1. Which stadium hosted the first match in the 2009 Ashes series?
  2. What came back to life in Switzerland in 2009 after 14 months of inactivity?
  3. What in February 2009 became the longest running prime-time series on US television, after running for more than 20 years?
  4. To whom did actress Kate Winslet apologise after winning an Oscar in 2009?
  5. Which country did singer Leo Sayer become a citizen in 2009?
  6. Which 42 year old football manager took over a club that had been managed by his father from 1967 to 1973?
  7. What new operating system was released by Microsoft in 2009?
  8. Who was axed from the BBC's "The One Show" after being accused of racist remarks?
  9. For what role did actor Heath Ledger win a posthumous Oscar?
  10. What according to a chart compiled by BBC Radio 2, was the most played song in public places over the last 75 years?
  11. Which TV personality was named UK Chief Scout in 2009?
  12. Who became the oldest living artist to enter the UK top 20 album chart at the age of 92?
  13. The year 2009/10 was according to the Chinese zodiac The Year of the.......?
  14. Geir Haarde resigned as Prime Minister after the banking system in his country collapsed. Which country?
  15. Legendary Ex-England football manager Bobby Robson passed away in 2009. Apart from the national side Bobby managed SEVEN club sides in the UK or in Europe. Can you name all seven?
  16. What new search engine was launched by Microsoft in 2009?
  17. What successful Broadway musical written by Mel Brooks, controversially opened in Berlin in 2009?
  18. Amongst all the MP expenses scandal Prime Minister Gordon Brown repaid £500, over claimed for painting what?
  19. Who topped the Forbes list as the most powerful Woman in 2009?
  20. Which country won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest?
  21. The 200th anniversary of what was celebrated by the issue of a special £2 coin in the UK in 2009?
  22. A US Airways Airbus was ditched in a river in 2009, which river?
  23. Tycoon Allen Stanford whose business empire collapsed in 2009 was associated with which sport?
  24. What was the name of the British submarine that collided with the French submarine "Le Triophant" in February 2009?
  25. A new car with a price tag of the equivalent of £1350(US$2180) was launched in 2009, by which company?
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