Easier General Knowledge 106

Published: Friday 12th June 2020A free quiz for those who like a less taxing quiz.
  1. In which English county would you find the Forest of Dean?
  2. Who played oil tycoon, J R Ewing in the TV soap opera "Dallas"?
  3. In which month of the year is the FA Cup Final normally held?
  4. What nationality was the surrealist artist Rene Magritte?
  5. Which planet was discovered by Herschel in 1781?
  6. Which was the first album released on Richard Branson's Virgin label?
  7. Who as at 2020 is the only English boxer to have received a knighthood?
  8. Who composed the music suite "The Carnival of Animals"?
  9. Which is the only month that features in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
  10. By what name is author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson better known?
  11. The city of Riga is the capital of which Baltic state?
  12. In which US city is the famous Sun Studios, the birthplace of rock and roll?
  13. In cricket what do the letters MCC stand for?
  14. Which British Prime Minister had the middle name of Hilda?
  15. Singer Stefani Germanotta is better known by which stage name?
  16. Which common element has the atomic number of 8?
  17. Who wrote the novel "Brideshead Revisited"?
  18. Which clan was massacred at Glen Coe in 1692?
  19. How many innings generally make up a game of baseball?
  20. Toronto sits on the banks of which of the Great Lakes?
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