Easier General Knowledge 123

Published: Wednesday 30th June 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. What was the title of the first official James Bond movie?
  2. Which gland in the human body produces Insulin?
  3. How is author Charles Dodgson better known?
  4. Of which country is San Jose the capital?
  5. What were the first names of pop duo The Everly Brothers?
  6. In a standard pack of playing cards, how many red cards are there?
  7. Which member of the Spice Girls duetted with Bryan Adams on the 1998 single "When You're Gone"?
  8. In which English county are the White Cliffs of Dover?
  9. What are the only Prime Numbers in the Twenties?
  10. Who played Eva Peron in the movie "Evita"?
  11. What was the title of Kylie Minogue's first UK single number one?
  12. In cricket what do the letters LBW stand for?
  13. How many imperial pounds are there in a Hundredweight?
  14. Who in 2020 became the first female to play TV's Dr Who?
  15. In the Tolkien books, who is "The Hobbit"?
  16. What is the State capital of the Australian state of Victoria?
  17. Which artist painted "The Laughing Cavalier"?
  18. Which country has hosted the Commonwealth Games on the most occasions?
  19. In heraldry, what colour is Sable?
  20. The signing of which important document took place in Runnymede in 1215?
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