Easier General Knowledge 126

Published: Sunday 29th August 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. What is the second most populous city in Spain?
  2. What was the maiden name of the Duchess of Cambridge?
  3. What is the next Prime Number after 73?
  4. Who is the lead singer of the rock group Elbow?
  5. In which decade did the Charleston become a popular dance?
  6. In a game of pool, what colour is the Eight Ball?
  7. Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a goat?
  8. Which US State is designated by the abbreviation MO?
  9. What was the name of the bear in TV's "Rainbow"?
  10. In chemistry what compound is represented by the formula O3?
  11. Lemon, Mustard and Citrine are all shades of which colour?
  12. Which two countries border Nicaragua?
  13. What do the Americans call the season Autumn?
  14. Which two utilities feature on the standard UK Monopoly board?
  15. Which musical was based on the HG Wells novel "Kipps"?
  16. What name is given to the English Channel by the French?
  17. Who was the author of the novel "Brighton Rock"?
  18. Which was the first US city to host the Winter Olympics?
  19. What name is given to the first day of Lent?
  20. In The Lion King, what type of animal was Timon?
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