Easier General Knowledge 15

Published: Tuesday 14th April 2015
  1. Where do Tottenham Hotspur play their home matches?
  2. What was the title of The Beatles first feature film?
  3. What is the highest number used in a sudoku puzzle?
  4. In which British seaside resort would you find The Golden Mile?
  5. Which meat can be found in Glamorgan sausages?
  6. What was the name of Bill haley's backing group?
  7. Which literary family lived at Haworth in Yorkshire?
  8. What is measured using the Beaufort Scale?
  9. Who immediately preceded Queen Elizabeth I as monarch?
  10. What is the scientific name for the kneecap?
  11. Which is the longest river in Ireland?
  12. Which two cities feature in the Dickens novel "A Tale of Two Cities"?
  13. Which English coin was referred to as a "Tanner"?
  14. In the TV cartoon series what was Postman Pat's surname?
  15. What gives Gin its unique flavour?
  16. Who played James Bond in "From Russia with Love"?
  17. How many yards are there in one mile?
  18. From which musical does the song "Old Man River" come?
  19. Which planet is closest to the sun?
  20. In which city did the St Valentines Day Massacre take place in 1929?
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