Easier General Knowledge 159

Published: Monday 6th May 2024A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.ic
  1. Which human teeth are used for cutting food?
  2. What type of animal was Napoleon in Orwell's "Animal Farm"?
  3. Which French monarch was known as "The Sun King"?
  4. In cooking, what is Aioli?
  5. In which country was the original Legoland theme park opened in 1968?
  6. Who married Jennifer Saunders in 1985?
  7. Who was appointed commander of the British 8th Army in North Africa in August 1942?
  8. Who created the cartoon character Barry Mackenzie?
  9. Which snooker player was known as "Interesting"?
  10. Who wrote the comic novel "The History of Mr Polly"?
  11. In which country would you find the ancient site of Machu Picchu?
  12. Which Star Trek character was played by William Shatner?
  13. Which plant has the Latin name Hedera Helix?
  14. In fashion which English city could be a type of shoe, shirt or trousers?
  15. What bank note became obsolete in 1988?
  16. Which book has the opening line "All children, except one, grow up"?
  17. The town of Chesterfield is in which English county?
  18. A "Crimson Globe" is a variety of which vegetable?
  19. The asteroid belt, the region of interplanetary space where most asteroids are found, lies between which two planets?
  20. In the Sherlock Holmes' books, what was the name of Holmes' landlady?
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