Easier General Knowledge 26

Published: Sunday 7th February 2016
  1. Which actor was awarded the Best Actor Oscar in both 1993 and 1994?
  2. What name is given to a female deer?
  3. Which actor provided the voice of Aslan in the 2005 movie "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"?
  4. How is the number 85 represented in Roman numerals?
  5. Which rock guitarist is often referred to as "Slowhand"?
  6. Who captained Liverpool to their first European Cup victory in 1977?
  7. How many sides are there on a pentagon?
  8. Which twins are said to have founded Rome?
  9. How many years has a couple celebrating their diamond anniversary been married?
  10. On which day of the week are General Elections in the UK generally held?
  11. Which public school did David Cameron and 18 other former UK Prime Ministers attend?
  12. How many sides are there on a fifty pence piece?
  13. The singer Bryan Adams is a native of which country?
  14. By what nickname was Florence Nightingale often known?
  15. Which organ of the human body is affected by "Bright's Disease"?
  16. On a standard dart board what two number border the number 14?
  17. How many notes are there in one octave?
  18. Where is the setting of Verdi's opera "Aida"?
  19. In taxation what does the acronym PAYE stand for?
  20. Who wrote the novel "The History of Mr Polly"?
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