Easier General Knowledge 28 - Answers

Published: Friday 4th March 2016
  1. In imperial measure, how many fluid ounces are there in one pint? Twenty.
  2. On a British road sign what animal is used to signify "Wild Animals"? Deer.
  3. In which 1978 movie was the Art Garfunkel song "Bright Eyes" featured? "Watership Down".
  4. The monarchs of which country sat on the Peacock Throne? (The Shahs) of Persia (Iran).
  5. What is the more common name for solid carbon dioxide? Dry Ice.
  6. In the TV series what colour is Homer Simpson's car? Pink.
  7. According to the proverb what should you do with sleeping dogs? Let them lie.
  8. Which King of England was responsible for the Domesday Book? William I (the Conqueror).
  9. Which is the only country to be represented in the NATO phonetic alphabet? India.
  10. From whose garden did Peter Rabbit steal vegetables against the strict instruction from his mother? Mr McGregor.
  11. Who in World War II was known as "The Forces Sweetheart"? Vera Lynn.
  12. What name is given to the home of a squirrel? A Drey.
  13. What is the title of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony in F Major? The Pastoral Symphony.
  14. Which trio of rodents had their tails cut off by a farmer's wife? The Three Blind Mice.
  15. In bullfighting, what name is given to the horse-riding bullfighter? A Picador.
  16. What is the name of the principal sugar found in milk? Lactose.
  17. On an Ordnance Survey map what is symbolised by the letters "TH"? Town Hall.
  18. Which football team was the first to win the English Premier league? Manchester United.
  19. Prior to the introduction of the Euro what currency was used in Italy? Lira.
  20. Which Test cricket venue can be found in Leeds? Headingley.


  1. Derek Savage says:

    Homer also owns a red car in the Simpsons TV series, so many could get confused over that

  2. rob hewitt says:

    Picador is the just assistant to a matador that rides on horseback. A Rejoneador is a horse riding bullfigher

  3. Spanish Steve says:

    Homer drives a pink car , the Simpsons own two cars , the pink model is almost exclusivley only driven by Homer.

  4. Andy says:

    The Pink Sedan (or the Family Sedan) is one of two automobiles belonging to the Simpson family. It is a Plymouth Junkerolla. It is Homer’s car, and he uses it almost exclusively,

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