Easier General Knowledge 29

Published: Sunday 20th March 2016
  1. Which Italian artist painted "The Mona Lisa"?
  2. Which of The Beatles was the last to join the group?
  3. Who created the character of Peter Pan?
  4. How many years of marriage is represented by a Ruby anniversary?
  5. What name is given to the Jewish language?
  6. What instrument did jazz musician Benny Goodman principally play?
  7. In which part of the body would you find the Alveoli?
  8. Which part of a horse's anatomy is used to determine it's age?
  9. Which chess piece can only move in diagonal lines?
  10. According to the old proverb, what does a rolling stone gather?
  11. What is the capital city of Indonesia?
  12. What name is given to the number on the top of a fraction?
  13. Which is the largest seaport in Morocco?
  14. Who was the Greek Goddess of victory?
  15. Which two gases combine to form Ammonia?
  16. What is the main ingredient of Hummus?
  17. In which country would you find the "Horn of Africa"?
  18. In helaldric terms what colour is Argent?
  19. Whose ear did boxer Mike Tyson infamously bite during a World Championship fight?
  20. How many stars are there on the Chinese flag?
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