Easier General Knowledge 32

Published: Thursday 12th May 2016
  1. How many of Henry VIII's wives lost their heads?
  2. Which rock act opened the London Live Aid concert in 1985?
  3. Who is older, Superman or Batman?
  4. What is the real name of author George Orwell?
  5. Traditionally what is made by a cooper?
  6. In which country is the musical "The King and I" set?
  7. Which planet in our solar system is nearest to the Sun?
  8. In TV's "Thunderbirds" what was the name of Lady Penelope's chauffeur?
  9. In which town do Scottish football team Raith Rovers play their home matches?
  10. Which London street was the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes?
  11. Gloucestershire Old Spot and Tamworth are breeds of which farm animal?
  12. What instrument was played by jazz musician Louis Armstrong?
  13. What is the chemical symbol for copper?
  14. Which English county lies between Cornwall and Somerset?
  15. Which famous adventurer is credited with inventing the aqualung?
  16. Who were the first winners of rugby union's world cup in 1987?
  17. On a standard dice which number is on the opposite face to the number 2?
  18. In slang how much money is a Pony?
  19. Which insect is the most common transmitter of malaria?
  20. In Roman mythology who was the God of War?
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