Easier General Knowledge 33

Published: Friday 3rd June 2016
  1. Which regiment of the British army is nicknamed "The Sappers"?
  2. What is the largest castle in Wales?
  3. Who discovered penicillin?
  4. In which city are the headquarters of UNESCO?
  5. Which is second book of the Old Testament?
  6. Which planet does Superman come from?
  7. Who was the last British Governor of Hong Kong?
  8. What IQ score represents average intelligence?
  9. In which city is the University of East Anglia?
  10. Which King turned everything he touched to gold?
  11. The word LUPINE refers to which animal?
  12. Who was the ROMAN God of the sea?
  13. In which game would you use a shuttlecock?
  14. Which tree features on the flag of Lebanon?
  15. How many colours are there in a rainbow?
  16. In the "Arabian Nights", who had Forty Thiefs?
  17. What was the former name of Thailand?
  18. What is the Parliament of the Isle of Man called?
  19. How many faces are there on a cube?
  20. Which animal represents a zoo on an ordnance survey map?
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