Easier General Knowledge 38

Published: Friday 2nd September 2016
  1. What was the name of the snail in TV's "The Magic Roundabout"?
  2. Which profession's members use the initials FRICS after their name?
  3. Which town stands at the confluence of the Rivers Severn and Avon?
  4. In which Ian Fleming novel did James Bond first make an appearance?
  5. Which two word Latin phrase means "It's My Fault"?
  6. In which sport was Valentino Rossi a nine times World Champion?
  7. Which music producer famously created a "Wall of Sound"?
  8. Which English football club are known as 'Pompey'?
  9. How many valves are there on a trumpet?
  10. Which acid is often referred to as "Aqua Fortis"?
  11. Who composed the music for the ballets Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake?
  12. In a game of cricket, how would an umpire signal a six?
  13. According to the old saying,how much does a 'stitch in time' save?
  14. Who is the host of TV's "Only Connect"?
  15. How many lines does a limerick contain?
  16. The island of Corfu is two miles off the coast of which country?
  17. What nationality was revolutionary Che Guevara?
  18. What name is given to a female ferret?
  19. What type of pastry is used to make vol au vents?
  20. What role was played by Jim Carey in the movie "Batman Forever"?
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