Easier General Knowledge 39

Published: Monday 26th September 2016
  1. Which motorway connects Liverpool with Hull across the Pennines?
  2. On what date is Burns' Night celebrated?
  3. How many railway stations are there on a standard Monopoly board?
  4. In which range of mountains would you find the Matterhorn?
  5. Who won Oscars for both "Forrest Gump" and "Philadelphia"?
  6. Who was the author of "Pilgrim's Progress"?
  7. What name is given to the final round on TV's "Countdown"?
  8. Of which US state is Little Rock the capital?
  9. Who composed the Enigma Variations?
  10. In Indian cuisine what is Naan?
  11. What is a beaver's home called?
  12. Which of the tropics is in the Northern hemisphere?
  13. What do the Americans call an aubergine?
  14. Which group had a UK number one with "Belfast Child"?
  15. On which racecourse is the Derby run?
  16. Including the cue ball, how many different colours are the balls in snooker?
  17. In which London landmark are the Crown Jewels stored?
  18. In Greek mythology, what is the name of the one-eyed giant encountered by Odysseus?
  19. What was ABBA's last UK number one in 1980?
  20. In the Harry Potter books what was Lord Voldemort's birth name?
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