Easier General Knowledge 40

Published: Thursday 20th October 2016
  1. Tiger Bay the birthplace of Shirley Bassey was found in which British city?
  2. What is the longest word in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
  3. Which English King signed the Magna Carta?
  4. What creatures live in a Formicary?
  5. What were the only two clubs that Stanley Matthews played for during his professional career?
  6. Which body of water separates India from Burma?
  7. What is the chief insect threat to the cotton plant?
  8. What does the acronym CIA stand for?
  9. What type of fish is a Sockeye?
  10. In which country was the Markka replaced as currency by the Euro in 2002?
  11. What nationality was composer Chopin?
  12. Who did Michael Howard succeed as Conservative Party Leader?
  13. What name is given to the coloured part of the eye?
  14. Which character in Friends was played by David Schwimmer?
  15. Andres Segovia was a virtuoso of which musical instrument?
  16. Which fruit is used to make a Banoffee Pie?
  17. In Grand Prix racing what colour flag signifies "Slow Down, Danger Ahead"?
  18. Who wrote the poem "The Owl and the Pussycat"?
  19. What would a Florin be worth in decimal currency?
  20. In which country is the Atacama Desert?
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