Easier General Knowledge 43

Published: Sunday 5th February 2017
  1. What name is given to a female swan?
  2. In the TV series, for which organisation does Captain Scarlett work?
  3. According to mythology, how did Icarus die?
  4. Which World War Two inventor was responsible for the Bouncing Bomb?
  5. On the Apollo 11 mission which of the three astronauts did not walk on the moon?
  6. Barbie's boyfriend was named Ken, but what was Sindy's boyfriend called?
  7. What is the capital of Romania?
  8. After how many years of marriage is an emerald anniversary celebrated?
  9. What is supposed to rise from it's own ashes every 500 years?
  10. In Venice what colour are the gondolas painted?
  11. In which year did Queen Victoria first come to the throne?
  12. At what temperature does water boil on the Fahrenheit scale?
  13. In the biblical story how many loaves did Jesus use to feed the five thousand?
  14. In opera what is the highest pitched female voice?
  15. Which two colours feature on the Greek flag?
  16. What type of foodstuff is Monterey Jack?
  17. Prior to decimalisation how much was a Florin worth?
  18. In which fictional prison was TV's Porridge set?
  19. Which tropic is south of the equator?
  20. In which TV soap opera did Holly Valance first find fame?
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