Easier General Knowledge 44 - Answers

Published: Saturday 25th February 2017
  1. In which month and year did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbour? December 1941.
  2. Which was the first man-made metal? Bronze.
  3. With which band did Joe Walsh find fame? The Eagles.
  4. Which building now stands on the site of the original New York Waldorf Hotel? Empire State Building.
  5. What nationality was former UN General Secretary Ban-Ki Moon? South Korean.
  6. In which country could you watch rugby union at Ellis Park? South Africa.
  7. What does the French phrase "Mardi Gras" literally mean? Fat Tuesday.
  8. On which continent would you find the Appalachian Mountains? North America.
  9. Which of the Beatles was the first to be widowed? Paul McCartney.
  10. Which is the largest seaport in Morocco? Casablanca.
  11. Who is the patron Saint of children? St Nicholas.
  12. In the mobile phone market what does 3G stand for? 3rd Generation.
  13. Which Australian actor starred in "Australia", "Les Miserables" and "X-Men"? Hugh Jackman.
  14. What name was Walt Disney originally going to give Mickey Mouse? Mortimer Mouse.
  15. In which African country would you find the Serengeti National Park? Tanzania.
  16. What was the original use of the leaning tower of Pisa? Bell Tower.
  17. Which element is represented by the symbol Co? Cobalt.
  18. By what name is Hansen's Disease more commonly known? Leprosy.
  19. What is the second largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily? Sardinia.
  20. Who wrote stories featuring the detective Hercule Poirot? Agatha Christie.

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