Easier General Knowledge 47

Published: Monday 10th April 2017
  1. Who wrote the novel "Where Eagles Dare"?
  2. In which English county is the port of Dover?
  3. In which German city was the composer Beethoven born?
  4. In computer terminology what does the acronym ROM mean?
  5. By what name was William Joyce known by during World War II?
  6. The Portuguese football club Benfica plays it's home fixtures in which city?
  7. In snooker how many points are awarded for potting the blue ball?
  8. What is the SI unit for temperature?
  9. Into which body of water does the River Volga flow?
  10. Which organisation has the motto "Just Do It!"?
  11. By population which is Australia's largest city?
  12. In which musical would you hear the song "Food,Glorious Food"?
  13. In the comic book what is the real name of superhero Iron Man?
  14. On television which family lived at the Ponderosa ranch?
  15. On which ship did Sir Francis drake circumnavigate the World?
  16. A ukelele has how many strings?
  17. Which pop duo were originally known as Tom and Jerry?
  18. What name is given to the number on top of a fraction?
  19. In the world of sport, who was known as the Great White Shark?
  20. The home of which animal is known as a Sett.
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