Easier General Knowledge 48

Published: Friday 21st April 2017
  1. Who wrote the play "Waiting for Godot"?
  2. In which English county is the port of Southampton?
  3. What is the larva of a frog called?
  4. What colour are the stars on the USA flag?
  5. Of what body of water is the Ligurian sea a part?
  6. In a game of snooker how many points are awarded for potting the pink ball?
  7. What is the SI unit of distance?
  8. Into which body of water does the Mississippi River flow?
  9. The Dutch football team Feyenoord plays it's home fixtures in which city?
  10. Which organisation has the motto "Who Dares Wins"?
  11. In computer terminology what does the acronym HTTP stand for?
  12. In which musical would you hear the song "Ol' Man River"?
  13. In comic books what is the real name of superhero Superman?
  14. In which European city is the Doge's Palace?
  15. Who wrote the novel "Northanger Abbey"?
  16. In chess what is the alternative name for the castle?
  17. In Oliver Twist, what is the Artful Dodger's real name?
  18. What name is given to the bottom number in a fraction?
  19. In which National Park would you find the geyser "Old Faithful"?
  20. The asteroid belt is located between which two planets?
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