Easier General Knowledge 49 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 17th May 2017
  1. In the Christian calendar what is the Sunday prior to Easter called? Palm Sunday.
  2. In which English county is the port of Harwich? Essex.
  3. Of which US city is Beverly Hills a suburb? Los Angeles.
  4. Who wrote the novel "Our Man in Havana"? Graham Greene.
  5. In which country is the city of Fez? Morocco.
  6. The Spanish football team RCD Espanyol plays it's home fixtures in which city? Barcelona.
  7. In a game of snooker hoe many points are awarded for potting the black ball? Seven.
  8. What is the SI unit of luminous intensity? Candela.
  9. Into which body of water does the river Ganges flow? The Bay of Bengal.
  10. Which organisation has the motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (Faster, Higher, Stronger)? The Olympic Games.
  11. In computer terminology what is meant by the acronym DNS? Domain Name System.
  12. In which musical would you hear the song "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning"? Oklahoma!
  13. What is superhero Spiderman's real name? Peter Parker.
  14. Who succeeded Winston Churchill as British Prime Minister in 1955? Anthony Eden.
  15. What type of creature is an ocelot? A Cat.
  16. In a traditional Punch and Judy show, what is the dog's name? Toby.
  17. The Apennines are a mountain range in which country? Italy.
  18. What name is given to the central aisle of a church? Nave.
  19. Who was the Roman God of wine? Bacchus.
  20. Which animal's name literally means "River Horse"? Hippopotamus.