Easier General Knowledge 52

Published: Saturday 8th July 2017
  1. The Clifton suspension bridge spans which river?
  2. What was the name of the pink hippopotamus featured in the TV programme "Rainbow"?
  3. In which year did Elizabeth II become Queen?
  4. Which US State is designated by the abbreviation MO?
  5. What nationality was Goliath the giant slain by David in the Bible?
  6. What type of creature is a Water Moccasin?
  7. To which song did Bill Murray awake to repeatedly in "Groundhog Day"?
  8. What is the traditional name for a barrel maker?
  9. If you suffered from Nephalgia, where would you have pain?
  10. Of which Canadian province is Toronto the capital?
  11. Which sport is played by the Philadelphia Eagles?
  12. To which continent are Love Birds native?
  13. Which musical features the song "As Long As He Needs Me"?
  14. In which country are the Cambrian Mountains?
  15. In music what term describes a note that is neither sharp or flat?
  16. In which Oxfordshire mansion was Winston Churchill born?
  17. The Battle of Edgehill was the first battle in which conflict?
  18. Which gas has the chemical formula CO2?
  19. How many strings does a Spanish guitar have?
  20. In which war did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place?
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