Easier General Knowledge 53

Published: Sunday 6th August 2017
  1. On which day are Hot Cross Buns traditionally eaten in the UK?
  2. How many moons does the planet Mercury have?
  3. Who wrote the book "Finnegan's Wake"?
  4. Who played Del-Boy in the TV series "Only Fools and Horses"?
  5. How many signs of the zodiac are there?
  6. In which sea is the Dogger Bank?
  7. Which football team plays it's home matches at Stamford Bridge?
  8. Who composed the opera "Billy Budd"?
  9. In the military, what are referred to as "Redcaps"?
  10. With what would a surveyor measure horizontal and vertical angles?
  11. Who was the first Welshman to win an Olympic gold medal?
  12. In imperial measurement, how many fluid ounces make up one pint?
  13. What type of pastry is used to make eclairs?
  14. In the novel "Treasure Island", who buried the treasure?
  15. Which of the Beatles was the first to have a solo number one hit?
  16. Which character does Harrison Ford play in the "Star Wars" series of movies?
  17. What is the capital of Morocco?
  18. The flag of which nation features both an eagle and a snake?
  19. In which sport do teams compete for the Stanley Cup?
  20. Who was Sherlock Holmes' housekeeper and landlady?
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