Easier General Knowledge 67

Published: Monday 28th May 2018A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. In which English county would you find the town of Boston?
  2. In the books by Conan Doyle, who was Sherlock Holmes' landlady?
  3. What colour are the gondolas in Venice painted?
  4. What two colours feature on the flag of Greece?
  5. Which wedding anniversary is celebrated as Crystal?
  6. What nationality is F1 racing driver Daniel Ricciardo?
  7. Who was the chief God in Norse mythology?
  8. What is the longest word in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
  9. What variety of beans are used to make Baked Beans?
  10. By what name was the country of Belize formerly known?
  11. The adjective Ursine refers to what creature?
  12. Which is the largest state by area in Australia?
  13. In which city are NBA team the Raptors based?
  14. Which fruit is the principle ingredient of the Mexican dish Guacamole?
  15. What type of creature is a Swallowtail?
  16. How many strings are there on a Double Bass?
  17. Through which English city did Lady Godiva allegedly ride naked?
  18. Which 1983 movie was the sequel to 1977's "Saturday Night Fever"?
  19. How would the year 2018 be represented in Roman numerals?
  20. Of which US State is Augusta the capital?
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