Easier General Knowledge 74

Published: Sunday 28th October 2018A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. Which Australian state has no land borders with any other?
  2. How many strings are there on a cello?
  3. According to the proverb, what does a rolling stone gather?
  4. Which British athlete broke the World Decathlon record on four occasions?
  5. In which country is Chianti wine produced?
  6. What was the name of the police officer in TV's "Top Cat"?
  7. Who was the UK Prime Minister immediately preceding David Cameron?
  8. Which Saint's Day is celebrated on 1st March each year?
  9. What does SLR mean when referring to a camera?
  10. How many players make up a Rugby League side?
  11. According to the Bible, how many fish did Jesus use to feed the 5000?
  12. Who wrote the novel "Cider With Rosie"?
  13. The test cricket venue Headingley is in which UK city?
  14. How many moons does the planet Venus have?
  15. Which boy band had a UK number one in 2010 with "The Club is Alive"?
  16. What is a Monkey Puzzle?
  17. In which sport do players compete for the Davis Cup?
  18. How many sides are there on a Decagon?
  19. What is the Roman numeral for one hundred?
  20. On a standard UK board, which is the first property you pass at the beginning of a game of Monopoly?
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