Easier General Knowledge 78

Published: Saturday 9th February 2019A free quiz for those who like a less taxing quiz.
  1. How many minutes are there in a day?
  2. Which circuit has hosted the Italian F1 Grand Prix every year except 1980?
  3. What type of creature is a purple emperor?
  4. Who is the founder of the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia?
  5. Where were the Gods of Norse mythology said to live?
  6. Michelle Robinson is the maiden name of whose wife?
  7. By what name do we now know the Chinese Gooseberry?
  8. Who wrote "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"?
  9. Which British politician said "A week is a long time in politics"?
  10. Which insect is responsible for the spread of malaria?
  11. In which part of the country is the novel Lorna Doone set?
  12. What is the distance between the wickets in a game of cricket?
  13. Who was the fourth wife of Henry VIII?
  14. What US State has the highest population?
  15. What is the French word for the number three?
  16. What is the medical name for chicken pox?
  17. Which artist said "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes"?
  18. Which river flows through the capital city of Italy?
  19. In which month of the year is Remembrance Day commemorated?
  20. Which chemical element takes its name from the island of Cyprus?
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