Easier General Knowledge 79

Published: Sunday 17th March 2019A free quiz for those who like a less taxing quiz.
  1. What type of animal is a Kerry Blue?
  2. The River Danube rises in the Black Forest but into which sea does it flow?
  3. Which was Napoleon's final battle?
  4. In which year was Doctor Who first broadcast in the United Kingdom?
  5. What is the county town of Dorset?
  6. Which American big band leader died in a plane crash in 1944?
  7. Which team became the first British side to win football's European Cup in 1967?
  8. Who starred as James Bond in the movie "The World is not Enough"?
  9. In the book by Jonathon Swift, in which land did Gulliver met the little people?
  10. What is a polygraph better known as?
  11. According to the old rhyme, what does Saturday's child do?
  12. In which century did the War of the Roses take place?
  13. Which Christian festival is celebrated on January 6th?
  14. On which Spanish island was tennis player Rafael Nadal born?
  15. Which is the oldest university in the USA?
  16. In the Batman comics, what is the full name of Bruce Wayne's butler?
  17. Which chemical element is present in all organic compounds?
  18. In which South American country is the port of Valparaiso?
  19. Which American playwright wrote "Long Day's Journey into Night" and "The Iceman Cometh"?
  20. How many players make up a volleyball team?
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