Easier General Knowledge 82

Published: Thursday 23rd May 2019A free quiz for those who like a less taxing quiz.
  1. In golf, which club is used on the green to hit the ball into the hole?
  2. What is the name of the Roman wall built to segregate Scotland from England?
  3. In TV's "Only Fools and Horses", what was the name of Del Boy's younger brother?
  4. What type of creature is a Red Admiral?
  5. A string quartet usually consists of two violins, a cello and which other instrument?
  6. What type of fruit contains varieties such as Red Delicious, Fuji and Jonagold?
  7. Which branch of medicine deals with the treatment of old people?
  8. On which continent would you find the Queen Maud mountains?
  9. Our House was a West End musical based on the music of which pop group?
  10. The leaves of which tree form the main diet of the Koala?
  11. In which month is Presidents' Day in the USA?
  12. What nationality was the 17th century explorer Abel Tasman?
  13. What was the former name of Sri Lanka?
  14. In mythology, which King turned everything he touched to gold?
  15. What is the national sport of Japan?
  16. Bono is the lead singer of which Irish rock band?
  17. What spirit is added to brandy to make a Sidecar cocktail?
  18. How many feet are there in a yard?
  19. Who wrote the novel Moll Flanders?
  20. In which county is Chatsworth House, the country seat of the Duke of Devonshire?
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