Easier General Knowledge 84 - Answers

Published: Saturday 29th June 2019A free quiz for those who like a less taxing quiz.
  1. How many seconds are there in half an hour? 1800
  2. Which was the first city to host the Summer Olympic games twice? Paris.
  3. What is the name of the man servant that features in the Cinderella pantomime? Buttons.
  4. Who was the lead singer of rock band "Queen"? Freddie Mercury.
  5. Cashmere wool originates from which animal? Goats.
  6. In Roman numerals, what letter represents the number "Ten"? X.
  7. From which fruit is cider traditionally made? Apples.
  8. Which sign of the zodiac is represented by fish? Pisces.
  9. Which sauce is generally served with roast lamb? Mint sauce.
  10. Which author created the mythical land of Narnia? C S Lewis.
  11. Viva Forever was a West End musical based on the music of which pop group? Spice Girls.
  12. What colour is the circle on the flag of Japan? Red (on a white background).
  13. The Bamboo belongs to which family of plants? Grasses.
  14. Which city is the national capital of Australia? Canberra.
  15. The adjective Bovine refers to which animal? Cow.
  16. Between which two points on the River Thames does the University Boat Race take place? Putney to Mortlake.
  17. What is the British equivalent of an American realtor? Estate Agent.
  18. On which day of the week does Pancake Day occur in the UK? Tuesday.
  19. Who is said to have played his fiddle while Rome burned? Nero.
  20. Which is the only month of the year to have less than thirty days? February.

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