Easier General Knowledge 93

Published: Friday 7th February 2020A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. What was the former name of Ghana?
  2. Who composed the music, The Dam Busters March?
  3. What is the magazine published by the Consumers' Association in the UK called?
  4. What is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury?
  5. In which country is the opera "Aida" set?
  6. What is Earth's only natural satellite?
  7. How many valves are there on a trumpet?
  8. What day follows Shrove Tuesday?
  9. Is the French wine Chablis a red or white variety?
  10. Which town in Java gives its name to a breed of small domestic fowl?
  11. Edam and Gouda cheese originate in which country?
  12. Which British King was nicknamed Farmer George?
  13. Where in the UK would you find Parkhurst prison?
  14. Which video game introduced the character Lara Croft?
  15. What shape is the scar on Harry Potter's forehead?
  16. Which acid gives nettles their "Sting"?
  17. According to the nursery rhyme how did Georgie Porgie make the girls cry?
  18. Who was the presenter of TV's "University Challenge" prior to Jeremy Paxman?
  19. Which chemical element has the Atomic Number of 8?
  20. To date how many British monarchs have been named George?
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